Low Cost Auto Parts
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A Guide to Low Cost Motoring

There is a huge number of cars out and about, and it is a well known fact that with the steady rise of fuel prices, insurance, and maintenance costs, drivers are confronting a difficult time keeping their cars on the road. As each car owner knows, the yearly cost of driving definitely is not getting cheaper. According to the AA, with road tax, insurance, and running costs (e.g fuel, tires, servicing), a typical with a mileage of 12,000 miles a year can cost around ?0.60 a mile, or ?7,200 annually.
Fortunately, there are some money saving tips that can help you spend less and keep motoring costs down as much as could reasonably be expected. Here are some of the best tips that you need to know about.
Get a Newer Car
This may sound somewhat extraordinary on first glance considering the general purpose of this article is to offer money motoring tips. However, in the event that you are driving around in an old Rover 200 or some other "old" (by motoring standards) vehicle, you would most likely be better off purchasing a more current and more economical car with an advanced fuel-saving engine. Car and scrap car dealers in your area should be able to help you pick the most fuel-efficient vehicle that meets requirements and spending plan. Keep in mind that while there is the initial expense of the car to consider, you will save more on keeping your car on the road in the long term!
Garage servicing expenses are high, yet not generally as high as they have been in the past because smart drivers search around for the best deals compelling garages to offer competitive rates. You can save a big sum on servicing just by looking for best fixed cost bargains. Nonetheless, you should adhere to the servicing intervals prescribed by the manufacturer of your vehicle and remember to always keep a full service history to retain the value of your vehicle. Read http://www.ehow.com/way_5647572_do-yourself-auto-repair-videos.html to gain more infoabout low cost motoring.
Finding Discount Car Parts Online
When talking about replacement car parts, the most important thing to remember is to keep away from the high street. From bulbs to windscreen wipers and other parts, high street costs have the same increment as a man offering umbrellas in the rain. Find online stores that offer michelin parts at a fraction of the cost of retail store offerings. They also offer a more extensive selection.